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What Is An SOC?

Schedule of Condition In London, East Sussex and Surrey

The Schedule of Condition report created by Hexa Inventories contains a full listing and a detailed description for all fixtures and fittings of your property. We include detailed, written and photographic information about the contents and decoration too. If there are any new damages or wear and tear, they will also be described within the inventory report. The inventory report can serve as a form of assurance and protection to both tenant and landlord when the property is rented out. It is a legally binding document and can be used as actual evidence iin the even of a dispute between the tenant, landlord or letting agent.​

Benefits of Hexa Inventory Reports

Carried out by experienced inventory Clerks


Legally binding document in case of insurance claim

Photographs and detailed description

Hexa are a third party and unbiased

Relatively Quick Turnaround


Peace of mind

Schedule Of Condition


Since it is obligatory to have an inventory report at the beginning of a tenancy agreement, it can be combined with a check in inspection. The latter can not be conducted or signed without a thorough initial inventory document. We will include a list of all items in the property, along with detailed information about their state and condition, as well as meter readings.

The Inventory Clerks


Our property inventory reports are compiled by highly-trained and experienced clerks, who are certified by the Inventory Clerk Association (ICA). All of them are trained to spot even the smallest details and leave a comment about them in the report. The clerks have the know-how to create thorough written and photographic documentation of the property's condition and content.

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