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What Is A Check Out?

The Hexa Inventories Check-Out report is created at the end of the tenancy. The report details the changes and dilapidations that have occurred during the course of the tenancy and will be taken against the Inventory and check in taken at the start of the tenancy.

Although it is not essential for tenants to attend the inspection, we do encourage that they do as this will give them an idea as to how and why the contents of the check out report has been created. This, in turn, will make the process of deciding deductions more straight forward for the Landlord.


Financial decisions relating to deductions are not the responsibility of Hexa Inventories and will not be made by our clerks. Only the Letting Agency/Landlord have the decision on correctly determining things like depreciation, fair wear and tear and damages.

However, our check out report does include a synopsis that recommends actions required and comment on cleaning and maintenance issues. These recommendations will take into account the current state of the property, the original inventory, check-in, amendments and any other supporting documentation provided to Hexa Inventories before the Check-Out.


A Check-Out should be carried out on the final day of the tenancy or as near to this as possible (we recommend within 24 hours of the Tenants vacating). The property will need to be ready for inspection and presented cleaned to the standard as noted to the original Inventory/Check in.

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