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What Is A Check In?

The Hexa Inventories Check-In is designed to provide the tenant with an understanding of the Inventory and the process taken to produce the completed report as well as discussing any concerns the Tenants might have with the property.

A Check-In appointment ensures that the tenants have had every opportunity to query, amend or discuss discrepancies in the property. We would encourage all Landlords to have a formal check-in in order to make the start of the tenancy as transparent and clear as possible.


All Hexa Inventories check-ins will include:

* Exemplify damage, cleanliness and condition

* Take note of concerns or additions raised by the Tenant/s

* Agree meter readings

* Record and handover property keys

* Record tenant comments

* Go over the basic requirements at the end of the tenancy and also what is expected of tenants throughout the Tenancy period

* Explain how heating systems and appliances work where possible (manuals will need to be provided).

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